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Repair is extra and is charged by an hourly rate.

Buying A Used Piano

There is some good deals on craigslist but be sure to look it over good before buying. Before you call the piano tuner you should look to see if the piano is clean inside and out. This would be a good sign that it was well taken care of or not. Look to see if the keys are level and that all the notes work without sticking or hanging up. If some notes are out of tune so bad they sound like your playing 2 different notes this could be a concern because an older piano could have loose tuning pin problems. Check the pedals to make sure there working and not making squeaky noises.

While playing the piano listen to it and make sure it doesn’t have any buzzes or rattles because this could be a soundboard problem. You can check the soundboard for cracks by looking at the back of an upright or underneath of a grand.

If you can look inside the piano check to see how worn the hammers are. This could tell you how much the piano was played. While looking inside make sure it hasn’t had mice damage.

Buy a name brand and avoid something you’ve never heard of. Most American and Asian brands are very good and some newer pianos are made in China. Contact a certified piano tuner when buying a used instrument and get his suggestions. Call professional piano movers so care is taken with your valuable investment. You can call a local piano store to get some names of there best piano movers. While calling the store you can get a list of area piano teachers. Piano lessons is a wonderful thing for a young child so you will need a teacher that is good with kids.

A good book to buy would be The Piano Book by Larry Fine. It has lots of information on pianos that will help you make a good decision. You can also go to www.pianobuyer.com and read the online version of the book. It is written in an easy to understand format.

Try to learn how each type of piano sounds and responds to touch. Try playing loud and soft especially very light playing. The room has a lot to do with the sound and will change from the dealer showroom to your living room. Carpeted floors will sound a lot different that hard wood floors.

Buy the newest piano you can afford and avoid getting one that is too old. You can check the serial number found inside the piano at www.bluebookofpianos.com to find out the age. Go to the local piano stores and check out the nice new pianos on the market today. Most piano stores also have a good selection of sheet music to choose from.

If your looking for a piano rental please give me a call and I can recommend someone I’ve known for a long time. He rents pianos for all occasions and is also a piano mover.

Where In The Room Should A Piano Go?

You should have a good place in mind before your piano is delivered to your home. Constant temperature and humidity is important. Keep your piano away from direct sunlight and doors that open and close all the time. Heater and air conditioning vents should be on the other side of the room. Laundry rooms should be far away because they create a large amount of humidity.

The flooring is something to be concerned about. Hard surfaces like wooden floors can cause some pianos to be too loud and bright. I like carpet under a grand because the sound coming off of the soundboard is pointed straight down . Carpet will soften the sound a bit. Vertical pianos need to be no more than 2 or 3 inches from the wall or they can be too loud.

Many of my customers place there picture collection on top of the piano. This could be the cause for a rattle or buzz sound when playing so be careful when doing this. Don’t put your watered plants on top because I’ve seen this ruin a piano. I’ve also cleaned lots of peanut butter and jelly off of the piano keys so keep your food and drinks in the kitchen where they belong. Again call professional piano movers to insure the job is done right.

Nation Wide Piano Dealers

Chicago Pianos.com - Cordogan's has a large selection of new and used pianos and is located in Chicago Illinois. This the largest gallery of pianos on the web. A piano tuner in Liberty MO doesn’t travel to Chicago but can service The Greater Kansas City Area.

PianoStoresUSA.com - A large list of piano stores can be looked up by State or City anywhere in the USA. A piano tuner in Kansas City can be found among many music lovers worldwide.

Piano Dealers USA
- Piano dealers and stores can be looked up in this large National Index. If your looking for a piano tuner in Smithville MO just go to the PTG web site and type in your zip code.

Piano Mart - If your selling your piano or wanting to buy one this could be the place to start. You can enter your zip code and the manufacturer and find a piano close to you for sale. You can recommend a piano tuning in Kearney MO to someone who loves piano music.

Piano Restoration

The Steinway Restoration Center - Steinway is the standard in piano making and your piano should remain a Steinway original. You will receive a certificate saying a piano tuner in Platte City MO restored your Steinway piano using 100% Steinway parts.

Lindeblad Piano Restoration - A family owned business that specializes in restoring Steinway, Mason and Hamlin, Baldwin, Knabe, Chickering and many other brands of pianos. A piano tuner in Liberty MO will restore your family heirloom looking like it came off a showroom floor.

Piano Finders - Since 1982 this company has connected piano rebuilders with piano buyers all over the country. If your looking up information on piano tuning in Platte City Mo then this is the place to start.

CountryPiano.com - Piano Restoration - Nationwide piano sales and restoration, refinishing and repair services for antique pianos including Steinway, Mason & Hamlin and more. Piano Restoration, Antique Piano, rebuilding piano, Piano Refinishing, Piano Refurbishing. A piano tuner in Parkville MO will be gald to service a restored instrument from CountryPiano.com

Piano Manufacturers


Bösendorfer - One of the worlds oldest piano manufacturers was established in 1828. The Bösendorfer Imperial model is known for having a longer keyboard of 97 keys instead of 88. 97 piano keys is easy for a piano tuner in Liberty MO.

Boston - The Boston piano was designed by Steinway and sells in a price range to compete with Yamaha and Kawai. A piano tuner in Gladstone MO loves to tune Boston pianos because of the rich sound they produce.

Charles Walter - An American made piano manufactured in Elkhart Indiana has a very smooth sound. The scale design is so even that tuning a Charles Walter piano in Platte City MO is a breeze.

Fazioli - The love for music continues in this large wonderful piano where only the best parts go inside with the finest workmanship. Model F308 is known for being the worlds largest grand at 10’ 2 “ and sells for $200,000. With all handmade construction like this it is a pleasure for a piano tuner from Parkville MO to tune and service such a fine instrument.

Baldwin - The name Baldwin has lasted through the years while other piano companies have fallen. Using the highest quality construction this is a wonderful piano for a piano technician in Gladstone MO to service and tune.

Kawai - Kawai is one of the finest names in pianos due to there outstanding workmanship. It is the instrument of choice among piano tuners and piano dealers in Kansas City MO.

Mason and Hamlin -  This company has survived since 1854 and is known for it’s Crown Retention System.

A piano tuner in Platte City MO would love to tune one these pianos everyday because of the beautiful tone and big sound.

Steinway and Sons - A Steinway grand piano takes almost a year to make and is one of the finest made pianos in the world. The superior Steinway sound will give you much joy and pleasure to play. Tuning Steinway pianos everyday in Kansas City is my passion and the beauty of piano music will continue on.

Yamaha - The dependable Yamaha piano has a reputation for excellence. More professional musicians play Yamaha pianos than any other brand and for a very good reason. You can ask any piano technician in Kansas City about the tuning stability of Yamaha pianos and they will all say it’s the best. The beautiful woodwork on these pianos will catch your eye and look very nice in your home. Quality materials are used in the construction to produce the transparent sound. For that Yamaha difference call a specialized piano tuner from Liberty MO.

Young Chang - A well known piano company with a beautiful tone has just the right model for you. Young Chang is known for quality as it is the best choice for a piano technician in Gladstone MO to tune and service.

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