Piano Repairs and Maintenance

Piano Repairs

Many piano parts are made of felt and leather and can wear over time. This happens on all pianos no matter how expensive they are. Adjustments may be needed on the hundreds of moving parts. Having your piano in good working condition will make your piano more enjoyable and help keep its value. Call me and we can talk about your piano problems if you experience the following.

Sticky keys - can be caused by more than 20 different things

Notes that don’t sound - could be broken parts or adjustments are needed

Broken strings - This can be caused from rust on the strings or the piano wire is getting too old to have tuned.

Squeaky pedals - They might need lubrication or the bracket screws are getting too loose.

Broken keys - Can be caused from playing too hard

Notes that stay sustained and keep on ringing - This sounds like a damper problem to me.

Piano won’t hold tune - This might be loose tuning pins and a solution can be applied to the pins to get them to hold better.

Cleaning - Pencils, paper clips and other debris can fall inside so once in a while your piano should be cleaned out to keep it in better working condition.

Do it yourself repairs are not recommended under any circumstances. Even gluing a loose key top back on without removing the key from the piano could cause lots of problems. I once had a customer call that had sticky keys so when I arrived at her house I found she had a bird cage on both sides of her piano. Sure enough bird seed had fell in between the keys and causing them to stick. Call a certified Registered Piano Technician in Kansas City to do any repairs. Keep your birds in a different room.

Piano Information Sites


Bluebook of Pianos - You can look up serial numbers and appraise your piano here. A piano tuning specialist in Kansas City can give information about the selling price of new and used pianos on the market today. The ultimate resource for piano enthusiasts Bluebook has everything to do with pianos. A piano tuner in Parkville MO  has everything to do with servicing fine pianos

Piano Adoption - Give your piano to an institution such as a Church, School or retirement home in need of a piano. Your old piano that is not being used still needs a piano tuner in Liberty MO to help make it a great gift.

The Piano Book - This is a great resource called The Piano Book by Larry Fine and is about Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano. You can order the book here if your wanting to buy a piano. If you don’t know what your looking for you should call a piano tuner in Gladstone MO and find out what brands of pianos are best to purchase.

Pierce Piano Atlas - Find information on the manufacturer of your piano with the date it was made. This is the old standard for looking up serial numbers. Another old standard that will increase your musical excitement is to call a piano tuner from Platte City MO.

Piano Education Resource Guide - An in-depth guide to many piano related resources

I can give helpful information on the best pianos to buy in Kansas City, MO  - Piano Dealers, Used Pianos, Piano Rentals, Piano Sales

Registered Piano Technicians are professionals who have committed themselves to the continual pursuit of excellence, both in technical service and ethical conduct. The Piano Technicians Guild grants this credential after a series of rigorous examinations that test skill in piano tuning, regulation and repair.


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Piano Repairs in Kansas City, MO

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