Piano Humidity Control

Piano Humidity Control

Pianos are made of wood that can swell and shrink over time due to changes in temperature and humidity.

This can affect the tuning stability and regulation of the action parts. Extreme humidity swings can cause wood to crack and sometimes warp. This could damage the pianos soundboard and pin block causing tuning stability problems. High humidity can also cause metal strings to rust that will cause string breakage. Felt takes on moisture and can cause sticky keys and sluggish action parts.

Damp Chaser humidity control systems can keep the humidity levels in a piano constant. The inside of the piano should stay between 45% and 50% which will keep your piano in good working order for a longer period of time. Being able to control the humidity levels is the main goal. The better you control humidity swings, the longer the piano will last. Direct sunlight can damage the finish over time so be careful where you place the piano in the room.


Many things can fall inside a piano and cause notes to stop working. Grand pianos are more opened up than a vertical piano but verticals can collect dust and dirt inside just as much as a grand. This will cause problems down the road with sluggish action parts. Other foreign objects can make their way inside like paper clips, pencils, coins and damage action parts. If something like a pencil is left on the name board of a piano it could fall inside and cause a bunch of keys to stop working at once. Mice damage is a big concern in some homes and could completely ruin your piano in a very short time.

I would recommend having your piano serviced by a Registered Piano Technician on a regular schedule to keep your piano in top working order. A full cleaning once in a while with tuning would be a good idea. I have special tools for cleaning the soundboard of a grand that lets me get under the strings. I carry a shop vac with me at all times.

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